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APA's Membership Structure Is Changing

APA is making entry into the association easier and more affordable for students and new planners.

APA student membership is free for any individual who is:

  • Enrolled as a full- or part-time, degree seeking student
  • In any college or university program
  • For the duration of his or her studies.

“Free” includes national, chapter, and AICP membership, as well as membership in up to five APA Divisions.

APA offers reduced dues for up to two consecutive years to any individual who:

  • Joins APA for the first time as a regular member; OR
  • Is an APA student member who recently ended college or university studies.

The APA/AICP Student and New Planner Task Force developed these policies, with input from APA leaders—including the APA Board, AICP Commission, and chapter, division, and student leaders—and academic partners. They respond to member feedback about broadening participation in the association and making membership more accessible and affordable to a diverse population with both planning and non-planning backgrounds.

Contact APA staff at customerservice@planning.org or call 312-431-9100 if you have questions.


Join the American Planning Association and the Arizona Chapter
The American Planning Association, Arizona Chapter links planners statewide, nationwide, regionally, and locally through the American Planning Association. Through these links, members:

  • Stay current in the Planning field: We’ll keep you at the top of your game with state-of-the art knowledge in planning. Advance your professional expertise through local and state planning workshops and events, the annual state and national planning conferences, and ultimately AICP certification by participating in exam workshops and preparation guides.

  • Make a difference in the State Capitol: Unite with other planners through one powerful voice by introducing and influencing legislation to shape planning in Arizona through APA’s Legislative Program. Dorn Policy Group, our professional lobbyist, has been very effective in bringing APA Arizona’s planning expertise to the Capitol, guided by the APA Legislative Platform, best planning principles, and the voices and opinions of planners state wide.

  • Network with other Planners: You’re not in this alone. Other planners across the nation, state, and in your local area frequently share the same planning issues as you. Find out how others are dealing with the challenges you are facing, and share your success stories. Ask a question on National APA’s “Urban Scrawl.” Make new friends who share your interest in planning. Employers are looking for smart APA members at APA conferences, APA local events and with advertisements on our website and in our online newsletter APA Arizona Vision.

  • Receive Acknowledgements: Be acknowledged by your peers and rewarded for your work. The APA Arizona Chapter presents annual awards in recognition of outstanding projects and planners.

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The Arizona Chapter, American Planning Association, is a group of individuals interested in planning for Arizona’s future. APA Arizona was chartered in 1983 and currently has over 1,200 members including practitioners, elected and appointed officials, attorneys, academicians, students, and citizens who care about planning. The Chapter is lead by an elected state board, appointed Board members, and section officers.

The association strives to:

  • Advance the art and science of physical, economic and social planning.
  • Build public and political support for sound planning practices and policies.
  • Provide members with technical information, skill building resources, and exchange opportunities.
  • Offer Arizona’s communities a planning advisory and referral service.

Don’t be left out. Join APA now to get plugged in and to stay current in your profession. Know what’s going on in planning nationally, in Arizona, in your region, and locally. Let your current employer know you take your job seriously. Most consultant firms and numerous planning agencies prefer and often require AICP-qualified planners.

Pay your Dues Monthly (Arizona Chapter with National APA Membership)
Did you know that as a National APA Member you can pay your dues monthly instead of in one lump annual sum? Called the Dues Installment Program, this is an excellent option for any member who would like to enjoy a low monthly dues payment. To find out how you can pay your dues on a monthly basis, download the application form for the Dues Installment Program from the National APA website at this link.

Join the Arizona Chapter Only (Non-Student)
This membership is for anyone interested in planning activities in Arizona, including planning commission members or elected officials.  Chapter-Only membership dues are only $46 annually.

Chapter-Only Benefits and Restrictions
As a Chapter-Only member, you will be entitled to:

  • The Arizona Chapter online publication, APA Arizona Vision.
  • The opportunity to participate on the APA Arizona Legislative Committee.
  • The ability to vote in Arizona APA elections.
  • Throughout the year, two sections of the Arizona Chapter, American Planning Association, Southern and North Central, sponsor meetings featuring speakers, discussion of timely issues and projects, and field trips.
  • View the Membership Directory.  The APA Arizona membership directory is a valuable benefit of membership. Access to this tool is restricted to members only. Clicking the above link will take you to the member log-in page. You will need your user ID and password to access the directory. At only $46 annually, chapter-only membership is a very affordable option.

As a Chapter-Only member, you will not be entitled to:

  • National APA publications, or other National APA services, such as legislative representation in Washington.
  • Eligibility as members of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP).
  • A discount at the national APA conference.
  • The ability to vote in national APA elections.

Arizona Chapter-Only Online Application
To proceed with the Chapter-Only Application, sign up through our website. Support the planning profession in Arizona by joining today.

To apply for National APA membership, which automatically adds you as an APA Arizona member, please fill out a member application at National APA. Once the National APA has approved your application, it will be forwarded to APA Arizona.

If you have questions about membership, please call our membership office at (602) 866-7188 or e-mail pking@azplanning.org.

Join as an Arizona Chapter Student
The American Planning Association, Arizona Chapter is committed to the undergraduate and graduate planning programs offered by the University of Arizona, Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University. You are the future of planning. The chapter wants to help students through mentoring, internships, guest speaking, annual conferences, professional development workshop involvement, class projects and providing scholarships.  By joining the association as a student member, it gives you the opportunity to connect with others and expand your professional network of contacts. 

Chapter Student - Join Now

Modify Information for an Existing APA National Membership
Utilize the APA website to make modifications to an existing national membership. Databases for national and chapter membership are maintained separately.


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